Skip Viragh Cancer Outpatient Building

Johns Hopkins Healthcare: Baltimore, MD

This new patient care building at Johns Hopkins Hospital provides clinical diagnostic and treatment services to outpatients with solid tumors. The new, 10-story, 184,000-SF cancer treatment center at this world-renowned institution is budgeted at $100M. The facility allows for outpatients to benefit from a wide range of coordinated examination, medical testing, radioactive infusion, consultations and other services. Other spaces include waiting rooms, phlebotomy, retail pharmacy, image recovery, lactation room, clinical research offices, a café, education facilities, and a meditation room.

Located adjacent to the campus power plant, the building is directly served with chilled water, emergency and standby power. Patient spaces on floors are fitted out with medical oxygen and vacuum. A dedicated chilled water system serves the MRI and CT imaging equipment. Four custom designed 42,000 cfm AHUs with modular fan arrays, ultraviolet air treatment, and 98 percent filtration are headered together to serve the building’s VAV systems.

The building is served with two 13.2kV/480-volt substations. From the substations, power is distributed throughout the building utilizing numerous 2000 amp bus-duct risers, along with individual feeder risers. Emergency power provides emergency electrical service to the life safety systems, legally required standby systems, and medical equipment. LED type lighting fixtures are provided throughout the building and controlled by a Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) system. The DALI system provides daylight and occupancy sensing features, as well as HVAC interface for energy conservation. JPA engineers designed the extensive connective raceway system for the radioactive infusion control rooms to the MRI and CT imaging equipment, providing for a smooth vendor installation of these complex integrated systems.

Photos © Halkin | Mason Photography 

Architect: Wilmot/Sanz, Inc.

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