Crofton High School

Anne Arundel County Public Schools: Crofton, MD

The first new construction high school project in Anne Arundel County since 1982, the new 271,000-SF Crofton High School will serve approximately 1,700 students. The school’s three-story building design takes advantage of the site’s unique topography, delivering natural light throughout the building, and providing a signature main entry and an overall floor plan arrangement that promotes excellent visual supervision and security of the school’s entry and open spaces. The project also includes multiple new athletic fields and a stadium. The project was designed to achieve LEED Silver certification, with JPA providing all energy modeling to meet the project’s LEED goals.

JPA designed a four-pipe chilled water and heating water mechanical infrastructure system to support the new high school, comprised of multiple condensing boilers and high-efficiency air-cooled chillers. Classroom areas are provided with space conditioning through a series of horizontal direct-drive fan coil units positioned above the corridor ceiling. Promoting ease of filter maintenance and excellent room thermal comfort, fan coil unit filters are located within wall-mounted return grilles that are positioned near the classroom floor level. The administration and administrative support areas are provided with space conditioning through an air-cooled variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system. A series of rooftop dedicated outdoor air systems with two fixed-plate heat exchangers (one enthalpic and the other sensible only), chilled water cooling coils, and hot water heating coils provide conditioned ventilation airflow throughout the school. Assembly areas such as the auditorium, gymnasium, media center, and cafeteria are provided single-zone four-pipe rooftop modular air-handling units for both space conditioning and ventilation airflow.

The school’s power distribution system consists of 4000-ampere and 3000-ampere main switchboards, distribution panelboards, dry-type transformers, lighting/mechanical panelboards, and branch circuit panelboards.  An onsite 350-kW natural gas generator serves emergency (life-safety) and standby loads during a power outage.  A 2500-ampere generator quick‑connect switchboard allows for a portable generator connection to meet Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) requirements for the school to be used as an emergency public shelter.  LED lighting fixtures are utilized throughout the school to minimize lighting power density while providing proper illumination throughout the school. Lighting controls consist of occupancy/vacancy sensors to automatically turn off lighting in rooms when not in use. Lighting controls in classrooms allow for 100% light output, 50% light output, and audio-visual lighting modes where the front row of lighting is turned off. Sports lighting is installed for the stadium, athletic field, baseball field, and softball field using LED luminaires mounted on poles that are 25 to 90 feet in height.

Renderings courtesy of GWWO, Inc./Architects

Architect: GWWO, Inc./Architects

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